What Kris is Like…

Kris at play.I am a woman. I am a loving family member. I am a proud American. I am part of all humanity on this earth. We are all equal. God loves each of us. My life’s motto is “Always take the high road.” I am an idealist, yes, and I try to hold myself accountable, too.  Examining myself, I regularly realize one thing: I am so flawed. It’s okay, though. We can be flawed but join together and become better and accomplish so much.

We must, finally, eradicate inner-city poverty and conditions. That kind of despair destroys the soul. Somehow, we must provide succor and meaning for a fatherless and fractured-family generation; a great way is Mentoring. Every caring and wise adult 18+ should be mentoring a kid. I promise, you will love it. Trafficking of children and women, forced prostitution, and modern-day slavery is almost inconceivable.  Educate yourself about it and you will get ticked and your heart will drive you. We have to start somewhere, even if it is to tell everyone and engender awareness. Otherwise, I pray for God to intervene, refuse to touch knock-off designer goods (those fake goods they are the cash crop for Traffickers and Pimps!) and refuse to spend money at stores that feature goods which are, right this moment, being made in human-rights-nightmare countries and often under horrible conditions. We can all do those 3 things.

I love style but I live for life’s substance. These are some of my guiding values:

-Always take the high road.

-It’s the principle of the matter.

-Allow others to save face.

-Treat everyone the same. I love people who treat everyone the same! (Rare to find…)

You will observe the rest throughout this blog. Thank you for your presence here.

I believe I have made a difference in a handful of lives. If I and every person continues to do the same, we will win. We can vanquish evil, even the worst evils. We can.

I am an Artist:  Singer, Writer, Actress, Dancer, Painter. I just started to paint, really. The chaos of my 20’s,  the wild-ride education that was my 30’s, has become a deep, rich, heady depth in my 40’s. I love every year. It just gets better. Not because I ever really “arrived.” In fact, I missed my ride and my ship! However, I know who I am now. What I will put up with or not. I am not afraid of people (i.e., I don’t endure chicanery or manipulation) anymore. Such deep, good stuff comes with age and maturity. I haven’t “arrived”, Lord knows, but the journey is “kickin into gear'” now!

I love fashion and makeup and all that stuff, and have all my life, literally. (My first sentences were about an outfit I was trying on!) Fashion lightens me up and is great fun.  It is beautiful. It is visual. I am girly. I love beauty. Fashion can be art. I keep it in perspective, nonetheless.

I also love Sculpture, Dance, and both Fine Art and Artisanal Crafts. I am in awe of the blown glass of Dale Chihuly. I just caught on to the installation artist James Turrell. His work is so full of humanity yet so imagined, so heavenly.

I wish people were just truthful. Life would be infinitely better. Fat chance, I know. Most of all, in terms of this Blog, I created this as a place where normal to quirky to visionary women, all like me, could come and just be themselves. There is no need to impress. Let’s all just talk, for real. God knows, as women, we need that. Maybe krismalloy.com will liberate you. Perhaps we will irk you. Or both, in turns. I will publish a lot of articles for you. I work hard on them. I hope you will comment. I trust you will be respectful and honest. If you are bitchy, well, too bad for you. What a lost shot at being a real Lady. To me, a Lady carries herself well, respects others, is caring, speaks her mind, and is humble. I believe in being in a Lady. Not dowdy, but rowdy, if anything. But still, someone with class, who knows how to treat others.

I am sure you are one.



P.S. I leave you with beauty and on a cheerful, lovely note. Here is a miniscule amount of Dale Chihuly’s work. I had to show it to you, in case you haven’t seen it. To me, it is sublime. Dale seems so humble. He is brilliant. Just think, he lost one eye, and sculpts like this with the other! We must all have such guts and chutzpah! Enjoy as I share some great pieces (and the pics don’t do them justice):


Dale Chihuly Glass piece

I love these “sea” type figures. There is a large collection of them. Dalechihuly.com.

Dale Chihuly and his work

Dale with one of his installations. It looks floral to me. His work is constantly shown in exhibitions, and also in permanent collections, all over the globe.

Dale Chihuly boat

One of Dale’s boats full of blown glass balls. The boats are put in water. They are almost childlike. Stunning.

Dale Chihuly Glass ceiling!

One of Dale’s Ceilings. Not sure of the locale…

Dale Chihuly Glass flowers Dallas Arboretum

A permanent installation at the Dallas Arboretum. The glass stalks look ready to sprout and bloom!