Knock-Off Handbags are Hideous


NOTE: This is not a piece which disparages specific countries (or people). We are all complicit at one time or another. It attacks the evil practices of individuals who set up shop with horrific things to sell (i.e. people and drugs.) A gargantuan amount of drugs are coming straight from China. It is a well-reported fact. I wish it were not so. I wrote this piece to let women in America know that the cute, fake Chanel shades they bought at the beach…harmed people. Or, when we see the lady at the State Fair selling “Dolce and Gabbana” and “Dior” bags – at the price “2 for $70” – that we all should truly walk on by. I am standing up for oppressed and abused Asian people, and those of every race/ethnicity who have been captured and enslaved (which is huge right here in the US btw.)  I am passionate about this and I tell everyone, anywhere, all the time, and admonish them to not buy fake goods. God help us all. Buy real or blood, human blood, is truly on your hands…read on.


Knock-off, or fake, handbags and other apparel. How I could go on about this! I will say this. Knock-offs are counterfeits. You are actually receiving fraudulent/counterfeit merchandise – a crime – when you buy it (on Amazon, Ebay, other online stores, in retail stores, anywhere.)

But, it is worse than that. Did you know that Louis Vuitton supported, actually assisted, the Nazis in France? LV did not want to be shut down/threatened so they were complicit with Hitler. They were rather cozy. True story. Louis Vuitton has acknowledged it. Think of the horrors that Louis Vuitton helped happen.

Here is an interesting, brief article from BlogSpot:

#TBT? Five Big-Name Fashion Designers Who Had Ties to the Nazis

Double jeopardy.

First they helped Hitler, and now this.

Dior bag

Lovely Dior knock-off…gag me.

YOU support HUMAN TRAFFICKING (slavery), FORCED PROSTITUTION (women being raped all day so their captors’ make money), CHILD PROSTITUTION (The same! From infants to teens, no exaggeration…all the pedophiles show up for this one), and the massive global Asian Drug Trade which our own American teens are discovering in epidemic numbers.  The Chinese make drugs that are beyond what we have seen thus far. They are powerful hybrids, they are highly addictive, and they are very lethal.  They are found at high numbers of teen parties now.

Think of this when you buy a fake Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, or any (insert designer name here.) Not just handbags, but perfume, scarves, shoes, coats, and anything you can think of that carries a prestigious “Name.”  You know that a normally $400 to $12,000 handbag simply is not marked down to $30. C’mon.  Stay away. No good can come to you from that.  Jesus said to take care of orphans and widows (which many of the current victims are) and to help the “least of these.” Can you imagine the despair the victims of slavery, forced sex, and pedophilia experience? No Christian, knowing the truth, can purchase fake merchandise surely. TO DO SO IS TO fund/enrich people who are willfully killing innocent people’s souls, spirits and bodies, and letting them die slowly.

We do it every time we buy ANY fake designer merchandise. Really……is it that important to impress people? Louis Vuitton thought so. Do you?? If you can buy fake goods knowing what you now know…I can only say:  Now it’s between you and God, sister. Consider the blood on your hands…or hand-bag. I don’t judge you.

All the best.


Mink Coats…the Female Polarizer.

“Luxury is above all an attitude of the heart. I never considered it as something…that revolves around money, jewels or fur. It’s mostly a respect for others that makes someone luxurious in their gestures, in their attitudes. Luxury is something interior which is translated in external terms. The biggest luxury in life is to love others and to understand them, whatever level they may be on.”   Yves St. Laurent, 1978

I saved a magazine scrap with that YSL quote for so long, until I had a place to share it. I almost tossed it several times (neat freak.) And here I am, with a blog, so I can broadcast it everywhere.  Yes.

Wow, YSL got it right, deeply. I love his words. I am amazed. YSL is the founder of one of the most respected, enduring couture houses ever. He loves women and they flock to his work. Yet, he sees luxury with a humble attitude. I love that he says, “Luxury is something interior which is translated in external terms.” Yes, it comes first from the heart. His heart is and must be beautiful, because his clothes are beautiful, and they celebrate women and bring out their beauty.


So, for me…

I love finery, luxury and all of that. Fine things are often well-designed, effective, and intelligent. They save money over time and are good for you. I love it when I can enjoy them. If not, I pointedly make do with what I do have, and enjoy being frugal. Luxuries are like secretly enjoyed little truffles. (No one else need know…and 1 or 2 are good for the soul.)

I am down to earth. I am not a slave to things. Things are here to serve us. I am real. I buy from thrift stores and from upscale retailers alike. I don’t broadcast the designer status of my dress. I will, however, share that my shawl was a killer steal at a thrift store. I will give directions to the shop.

I am not pretentious. But, here it comes…

Funny. People see you in a mink coat and they judge you. Dependent on what their hearts contain or what their motives are, they resent you and their glacial stares make it clear, and it hurts. Other women have hurt me; more than an ocean could hold. Why do women compete? Why are we so judgmental? Why this JEALOUSY? I think, ironically, a lot of competitiveness is fueled by the Fashion industry, YSL aside. I say that as a proponent of fashion and a lover of fashion! But still.

Let’s look at it. For millions, isn’t your handbag “who you are” somehow? Is that ridiculous, or what? I think we should rebel from manipulation. Don’t buy into it. Don’t buy clothes to impress someone else! That is silly. Ultimately, it is just rags and bags. Keep perspective. My perspective includes checking the labels to see if the items were made in human-being abusing countries (usually are, too.) I love Chinese people. But, I NEVER buy from China if I can help it. The government there continues to be the most hideous human rights abuser IN THE WORLD. Buy “Made in China” if you want. Just remember: God sees, God knows. He loves you…but we reap what we sow. (I will do a piece on the impact of “fake” and counterfeit merchandise. It traces back to Human Slavery, the Forced Prostitution of Women and Children, Child Trafficking, and lethal Drugs.) Still salivating over your fake LV?

So, in this “small city” we live in (or even in too-cool NYC), I am rarely in fur without being hated on. Can we get further than that at least? Furs are fairly old news, ladies! My furs. The response to them fascinates me. I have avoided wearing them this Winter. I avoided them like ‘flu, in fact. They are so warm and a comfort to me, but I don’t want to deal with the attitudes, every time we go somewhere. Yes, I admit it, I let them put Baby in a corner. It is not like me, really. I was just fed up and too sensitive this season.

I am such a proponent of other women. “You go girl!” is regularly screamed by me. I screamed for Venus and Serena at the French Open until I was hoarse.  I cheer all powerhouse women who are excellent. (I have to truly ask, sometimes, where is the LOVE for me? I get depleted. I would appreciate a little cheering on, too.) I am grateful for the graceful ‘luminarias’, like my little sister, who light my path.

At some point, I am more likely to say, “To hell with this.” And wear the fur, the (faux) fur hat, fur gloves, the fur scarf and fur boots…just to outrageously freak people out (imagine the gulps!) and to make a real fur statement! OMG, fashion disaster, I know. Oh, and my cashmere sweater and gloves.

You know something? It takes sophistication to recognize that it’s not “pomp” but a pure gem, with no desire but to shine and illuminate her environment (that is me.) Yes, that is ME.

I dream that women will wake up…and that they will freely and deeply love, acknowledge, open up and bond with each other as sisters!

To start the ball rolling, really see and love another woman today – a stranger, perhaps one who you would formerly judge. She is your sister. Be well, sisters of mine. All the best and I love you, Kris