Why this Blog?







Why this blog?

Please appreciate that I am being vulnerable here. I am sticking my neck out. I am hoping. For me, I want real women friends. I need acknowledgement, to be affirmed, and to be loved and enjoyed unconditionally. I am tired of female shenanigans. I want to feel Restoration…because I am tired right now. I feel a little wary of other women. That is no good. I hope to find my reservations blown out of the water, for me, and for all of us. This blog is what I and you and everyone makes of it. Let’s make something beautiful, fun, and…like a home or home away from home. Okay? I care about all of you. I pray for you each night, already. Love you, Kris

Techically, this blog is for young women 40 and over. But anyone who can add wisdom and love is welcome. I prefer few males. This is a woman’s blog. (See the Consequences page, gentlemen.)

I think we incredible 40+ women deserve a place where people “get” our references (from Jody and Buffy, to Soul Train, to Woody Allen.) I want to create an environment where our specific issues are talked about and met with real commiseration. I desire a sense of understanding among women. I hope this is a place where we can relax and be cool and truthful about the fact we have cellulite. (At some point you think to yourself, “Does it really frigging matter?” Okay, it does bother me. But no, it doesn’t actually matter.)

You need a place just to be you. I need a place just to be me. We may feel like strangers at first, but that will wear off, I am sure. I believe you will find a sense of family and community here. All women are welcome. We keep things pretty “clean.” However, I am a free-spirited person; I am no prude. I do prefer that we focus on what is meaningful and smart. I want each of us to shine. I want some style, intellect and substance, as expressed by you. I will be posting what it means to me. You will get to know me, slowly, as I get to know you. It is going to be fun. If you want, leave this page now, and jump on into the articles. However, the content below articulates the heart of this blog in many ways, so come back to it. Thanks.

I wanted to finally, truthfully, and meaningfully express myself. And enjoy other women from everywhere. I do not want to be fettered by judgmental, jealous, sniping people who are, sadly, missing out on so much love, warmth, succor and joy. No one will rain on our parade if I can help it. And, I can. So, I won’t be fettered. Neither will you.

I enjoy writing pieces for others to enjoy. I think what I have posted now is pertinent to women and interesting. I can be provocative. I like to kick up a little dust. Sometimes I risk it and pick a good old fight, jus’ cuz, it’s a hoot, and important as well. ! I have always been a catalyst (not even on purpose) who brings understanding, peace, and love, in the midst of hostile or paralyzed/staid/stagnant environments. I so look forward to meeting like-minded women. Most of all, I am passionate, about most everything, as long at it matters.