Syrians are PEOPLE!

I am watching an CBS interview with a girl, perhaps 14?, who is describing what is was like when her street was hit by a Sarin gas attack. She was lucky, of sorts, because the wind blew the gas mostly the other way. She ran to a hospital to help. Inside, she saw people running back in forth in agony, and the rest…well, there was video and neither she nor I want to get into it. You have probably seen it on your own TV or other news source.

So, we find out that Syria is supposed to cut its stockpiles of gases that – let’s face it – are only there to be used on human beings in their homes or on the street. It did NOT reduce its stockpile, missing the deadline today. What will the UN do to Syria because of this? Really……NOTHING. You and I both know that they will not act against the monstrous Syrian regime.

More people will likely be gassed. Usually I try to look away when they show the dead; I am too sensitive to take it. Today I didn’t. I watched the footage of dead person after dead person, rows and rows of them, laid out by their family and strangers. I always just melt into tears and think, “Those are PEOPLE! They are people!”

What excuse can America or any “civilized” nation give for not helping people who are, surely, in harm’s way by an evil regime who will probably gas them – again.



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