The Rules
We must be clear. It is only fair. So, listen, we will boot ANYONE if that person makes it necessary. If we observe impropriety in action (and we are watching) we will shut it down. This blog will be a safe, fun and joyful place for women to hang, make friends, share, connect and FEEL SAFE; a place just to be. The sanctity of that will always be put first.

The following is deemed inappropriate and potential grounds for getting booted (removed from the site), perhaps immediately, and permanently:

-Some lighthearted sex talk between “the girls” is okay. There is a quality called “decorum”, however, and we expect it to be used.

-No kinky junk. There are a million kinky places you can go for that.

-This is not a place to make a sex connection.

-This is not a dating site.

-This is a place for a real sense of community. No narcissists. No one will hog the space (except me.)

-Must we say the following? There will be no bullying, abuse or intimidation allowed whatsoever.

-No solicitations for MLM or the like are permissible. You will be so outta here if you ever solicit here.

-This blog, in any part or in it’s entirety, is copyrighted and all of the original writing, photography, everything, is copyright protected. We are pretty sharp people. Ask permission if you want to reprint/use something.

Again, we will keep this a safe and enjoyable site for all women. That is why we are being candid upfront. I hope we are clear. Again, we will boot folks if we find it necessary. Okay then. We believe it is always fair and healthy to set our expectations up front.

Whew, glad to say that and have it be done. MOST OF ALL, I am so excited to meet you all and greet old and new friends! I am here to write and to create a blog that rocks for people! This blog will serve and edify women. Enjoy it and love yourself. Thank you for being here, sister!